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Meet the 2017 Stonewear Designs Ambassadors!

Paisley Close is a yoga instructor, climber and nature lover from Mojave, California. 

Proudest accomplishment:
I am most proud of being clear and confident in who I am and loving myself unconditionally. 

Favorite activities: 
Anything in nature, all aspects of yoga, eating dark chocolate and making up healthy recipes that include it, having authentic, deep conversation with friends and family, art projects like painting, drawing or knitting.

What inspires you?
People who are totally real and present and who dive into life, who are willing to face challenges as well as celebrate joys. Anyone who can find that balance, rather than be stuck at one end of the spectrum or the other, moves me.

Favorite Place You've Visited:
The most incredible place I've seen is Iceland. The landscape is extreme and stunning, full of glaciers, volcanoes, black sand beaches, waterfalls and lagoons filled with icebergs.

Next Big Goal:
For yoga, I have two goals. On the physical level, I want to touch my feet to my head in Scorpion pose. My inner goal is to maintain a consistent meditation practice, rather than letting it come and go in waves. For climbing, I'm constantly working with my fear of exposure and want to grow that edge by being more comfortable with falling, leading when high off the deck, and learning to trust myself more.

Check out Paisley's Projects: 
Instagram: @paisleyanneyoga
Facebook: @paisleyanneyoga
Podcast: Yoga with Paisley

Valarie Anderson is a climber, runner,  yogi, and climbing gym owner from Silverado, California. Now living in Ten Sleep Wyoming where she runs Ten Sleep Rock Ranch, a campground and resource center for climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts. 

Next Big Goal: 
Post yoga content to YouTube, making classes more accessible to people in tiny towns like mine (population 206); climb harder than ever before including some more 5.13 sport routes; at least one half marathon race; get my climbers ranch up an running successfully to share with locals and travelers. Big Goal- Bring a woman’s climbing festival to the Ten Sleep Rock Ranch.

Little known fact:  Most people don't know that Valarie and her husband own a climbing gym

Favorite Quote: "It takes all kinds of kinds” ~ Various Sources

Follow Valarie on Instagram: @valarietes

Georgie Abel is a yoga teacher, rock climber, writer, and lover of the outdoors from Moraga, California. She spends her time climbing, writing and exploring her way through northern California and the High Sierras.

About Georgie
I mostly live out of my Subaru, and currently you can find me in Bishop, the Bay Area, and the Joshua Tree area. 

What are your favorite activities?
Rock climbing, yoga, writing poems, being outside, being weird, listening to music, laughing, eating, reading, traveling, hearing other people’s stories.

What’s your proudest accomplishment?
My proudest accomplishment is the fact that I spend my days doing what I love, regardless of what society thinks or how poor it makes me!

What inspires you? 
I am inspired by anyone who finds joy in helping other people.

Favorite trip that you’ve taken:
The summer that I studied in Montepulciano, Italy.

Your next big goal:
I have a lot of goals for 2017 including: 
-setting the women's speed record for the California 14ers
-Equinox (Joshua Tree)
-The Rainbow Wall (Red Rocks)
-publishing a book entitled Girl Beta (a handbook for female climbers! So psyched for this!)
-publishing a book of poetry
-getting accepted into graduate school for social work

Follow Georgie on Instagram: @gleeabel

Natalie Duran is avid rock climber. She began her climbing career to avoid gaining the "Freshman 15" but then fell in love with it and since then has been a star on American Ninja Warrior and graduated from University of California with a bachelors in Neuroscience. You can find about all her climbing adventures on her blog Chick on the RocksCheck out "Ninja Natalie" YouTube account.  She has also started a climbing club as a way to give back to the University of California. Natalie believes there should be more talk about balancing the love for the outdoors while still maintaining a job. She wants to become an inspiration to young athletes not to give up on sports they love, they just need to learn how to balance their priorities. 

Fun Natalie Facts:

Currently on-camera talent for NBC Universal and a recurring competitor on American Ninja Warrior. Where this past season has been my greatest comeback, I was top female for my region. Also I was in the top 10% including all males and females for my region, and qualifying for National Finals. Also,Team Ninja Warrior will air this year in March!  Watch My LA Region run here

Ninja Stunt Playlist where I have built a 100,000+ subscriber following throughout the years.  "Ninja Natalie" where I capture silly ninja stunts around Los Angeles. Where my staple black Stonewear sports bra has made multiple appearances!

Favorite Quote: 
"Best of all would be the freedom gained on the summit, which the mountains gift to climbers simply for taking the last step: an unlimited horizon without the barriers and confines of the lowland world." Early Days in the Range of Light: Encounters with Legendary Mountaineers By Daniel Arnold. 

Fun known fact: Natalie has a fear of condensation on cups so she keeps a coozie in her purse at all times. 

Favorite Food: Sauces- any kind on anything!

Connect with Natalie on Twitter @NickityNatNat

Haley Graham is a rock climber and a kindergarten teacher who resides in Chattanooga, TN and climbs all over the SouthEast. She recently turned 30 and celebrated by climbing 30 boulders at Rocktown (a local favorite N. Georgia climbing area) in one day! These weren't the easy ones either. That is a feat for any climber, but Haley did it in her second trimester! That's right, this gal is expecting a baby. 

Proudest Accomplishment: My proudest accomplishment in climbing is developing a local climbing area and being able to claim many first ascents. My proudest accomplishment outside of climbing is teaching a new group of kindergartners ever year to read and write and develop a love for learning.

Favorite Activity: Long weekend camping to climb trips is my favorite activity. There is just something about sleeping outside in cooler weather, drinking with friends and the only stressful thing is "which climb will I get on tomorrow?". It can't be beat. 

What inspires you: Many things inspire me in climbing: The "flash go", first ascents, developing new areas, friends sending, being told "You're probably too short", and new places. Outside of climbing, I get inspired by other's kindness, motivation, and selflessness. 

Favorite place you visited: For several reasons, South Africa is top on my list for favorite places I have visited. The genuinely beautiful people inside and out can't be beat. Everyday, we were greeted with warm smiles and hugs from strangers. After only spending 1 month in the Cederburg Wilderness, we gained a family figure who will forever be in our lives. The minimalist lifestyle has changed our outlook on life. We spent the month climbing on beautiful sandstone, chasing baboons, surfing in the winter, and watching every sunrise and sunset each day while drinking local wine. 

Fun Fact: Besides climbing, I love mountain biking and fly fishing. 

Next Big Goal: My husband and I will be gaining an adventure partner in July 2017. Since selfishness is no longer an option, my plan is to share my love for nature and climbing with our child. Staying motivated to train for climbing during pregnancy and after pregnancy, so I can share this love, is my goal. 

Follow Haley on Instagram: @haleyjay2

Bridget Law: Born and raised in Colorado, Bridget Law loves the mountains and the music that hails from them. Playing the fiddle has been her passion since her youth and she is delighted to share it with the group Elephant Revival.
Elephant Revival was formed in 2006 as a group of close friends and since has toured extensively throughout the US, Canada and beyond. As they roam they delight in the nature they pass along the way; swimming in rivers and lakes, skiing, hiking, and biking are pleasurable pass times on the road.

Bridget’s musical aspirations have led her on stage with many incredible musicians such as Bela Fleck, Sam Bush, Ani Difranco, Michael Franti, Little Feat, George Clinton, String Cheese Incident, Yonder Mountain String Band and more. Original music is her passion and she enjoys supporting creative people as they dive into new realms of music. In addition to Elephant Revival, you can also see her play with TIERRO and occasionally with Bonfire Dub. 

Follow Bridget on Instagram: @fiddlinbridge
Folllow Elephant Revival on Instagram: @elephantrevival

Anna Sugarman is a yoga teacher. Glamorous gypsy. Superstar philanthropist. Academic goddess. Animal adorer. Happiness architect. Graphic designer. Courageous adventurer. Love lover.

Proudest Accomplishment
I am wildly proud to have the immense honor of being part of others’ journeys via my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. By creating a program inspired by my greatest passions, I get to assist students in discovering where their true passion lies - and nurture that. That rocks!

Favorite Activity
Anything with my husband and… Handstanding around the globe. Yoga. Free diving. And scuba diving. Dancing in the jungle, on the beach, in my room, everywhere. Listening to live music, so loud I can feel the bass in my belly. Arriving in a foreign land, especially one where I don’t speak the language, and finding my way. Art, admiring and making. Flying. Loving animals. Hugging my family.

What inspires you?
Pffft! What doesn’t?! Nature. Meditation. Music. Science. The kindness, beauty, humility, gratitude and love abound.

Favorite place you've visited
Burning Man. And, I’m known to fall in love with wherever I am… On multiple occasions I’ve gone somewhere for “a few months” and stayed a few years - some of my favs are Thailand, India and Colombia.

Next Big Goal
Professionally, this year I’m launching my 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, which I’m very excited to offer to my 200 Hour graduates and new students too. It’s a collection of 100 Hour Modules on specific topics, so that yogis will be able to custom design their education. Personally, I’m a newlywed and we’re preparing for a big move! My heart is dedicated to building a sanctuary for my husband and I, in which to continue nurturing our love, expanding our consciousness, and striving to be happier each day than the last together so that we may be of extraordinary service to others.

Fun Fact
I love dogs, glitter and gummy bears, so much that my husband referenced this trio of scrumptiousness in his wedding vows.

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