Our Fabrics

Only the “Best of the Best” Cloth

Mass-market, big-box-store outdoor apparel brands — you know who they are — manufacture product in such quantity so quickly that they are relegated to the best of the overall cheapest available fabrics. Stonewear is different. Each season we invest in extraordinary fabrics that are unique in their comfort properties and made to be durable. Your Stonewear apparel will be unique in your collection and is guaranteed to last.

“I am hooked. I about lived in this pant on a recent European adventure, from the moment I boarded the airplane to walks and easy hikes to hanging out in a B&B room to work or relax, or heading out to dinner...” — Therese Iknoian, Travel Tales

Featured Fabrics

This year, our featured fabrics include (right to left) Featherweight, Lush Knobble (Iris Tee), Active Luxe (Ascending and Diamond shirts), Eyelet (Drishti), and Tencel (Tailwind Tank & Tee). Each fabric is chosen as it matches our commitment to both style and function.

“I also love to pair this top with the Rockin’ Capris. These capris are made of a quick dry, moisture-wicking fabric as well. These rugged capris not only flatter, but they look great wear after wear. The best feature is the side zip pocket that is large enough to store keys or a smartphone. I pretty much wear these babies all the time, but I especially love them for hiking and even trail running in the cooler evenings.” — Lauren, Tales of a Mountain Mama

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