Our Story


Stonewear was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1996 when a talented climber decided to take style into her own hands and design rock climbing clothing for specifically for women. Her mission then: Change history and design workout clothes for women that fit, flattered and lasted. Our mission today: Respect our heritage and honor the high expectations of our customers with durable, beautiful apparel.

Colorado to California

Today, the Stonewear's main production facility is located in sunny Vista, California and our team is comprised of passionate, active individuals who continue to build upon the brand heritage. From our bestselling namesake Classic Stonewear Pant to the new items we create each season, we are committed to sourcing the highest quality, long-lasting fabrics and designing apparel that provides an excellent fit for any body.

Beautiful & Durable

Our passion is to design clothing that you will love because it is so comfortable, fits like nothing else, lasts a lifetime, and most importantly, makes you feel great about yourself. So if you are a climber, hiker, runner, yogini, adventure traveler, or are committed to getting back into the gym, we have the clothing for you.

“I'm an outdoor junkie. The fresh air feeds my soul and breaking a sweat by rock climbing, hiking or mountain biking just makes me feel good... Having a balance between warmth, freedom of movement and stay-put fit is really important, and Stonewear Designs has done a pretty nice job of capturing all three.” - Zappos Beyond-the-Box Blog

Don't take our word for it. The overwhelming majority of reviews we receive are 5-star ratings from customers who expect quality and perfect fit. We're sincerely proud of that and happy to share our customers' unedited feedback. Click here to read a whole array of recent reviews.

Our Mission

Fueled by the energy and vitality of the active woman, Stonewear Designs creates clothing that allows you to live the active lifestyle you’ve always imagined. We draw inspiration from our native Boulder climbing community, our new home in Southern California, and the need for really comfortable, women-specific climbing and adventure clothes. Today, our inspiration derives from every woman’s all-encompassing active lifestyles. With a thorough understanding that lifetime sports can also include (but are certainly not limited to) chasing after children, running to meetings, and playing with the family pets, Stonewear Designs is able to provide comfortable clothing that you can count on to work with you.

Stonewear is brand of the Walz + Sew Sporty + Stonewear Group. This also includes Walz Caps and SewSporty Team Rowing Apparel.