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We all need that extra push out the door. Even our seasoned runners and fitness lovers have to look for their motivation. These are the ways our resident half-marathoner, Cassie, motivates herself:

Cassie with her running partner, Anne, at the Horsetooth Half-Marathon. These runnings ladies are wearing the Shimmy Tee.
Cassie with her running partner, Anne, at the Horsetooth Half-Marathon. These runnings ladies are wearing the Shimmy Tee.
  1. Find a running partner. If you hold each other accountable and support one another, you’ll achieve far more than you could imagine!
  2. Sign up for a race. This will remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing on those days you just don’t feel like hitting the track, trail, or treadmill. Plus, having a specific number and deadline will give you some concrete goals that you don’t have to come up with yourself.
  3. Must have music! Planned playlists or Pandora will work. Check out my running playlist.
  4. Get a comfortable pair of shoes. This is huge! You have to be comfortable if you want to succeed. And a quality pair of shoes suited for your unique feet is of the utmost important. Some of us need stability shoes, others need neutral ones. Head into your local running shop and ask them to assist you in finding the perfect fit.
  5. Equip yourself with the perfect running attire.  This will make you feel good and keep you running. Right now my favorite pieces to run in are the Liberty Capri pants and the Shimmy Tee.

    running tips

    Cassie in some of her favorites from the upcoming Fall 2013 line

  6. Find a scenic trail and switch it up to keep thingsinteresting. Getting outside, breathing fresh air, and enjoying the view will be both rejuvenating and inspiring.
  7. Set a goal for yourself before leaving the house. How many miles do you want to run? What do you want your time to be? Pat yourself on the back when you reach your goal, and then ask yourself: Can I go the extra mile?
  8. Eat a snack before the run so you have energy to keep going. I eat something small about an hour beforehand. Your car can’t run on empty, and neither can you!
  9. Running apps keep you going. If possible use MapMyRun or a similar app so you are aware of your mileage and pace. This always helps me push myself a little harder.
  10. Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water before the run (a friend once told me to make sure your pee is clear). If you plan to run more than an hour, bring water with you.

Read more about Cassie’s half-marathon prep! Tell us on Facebook, how do you motivate yourself?

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