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I wasted 20 years of my life concentrating on something so stupid, it is embarrassing to admit. Between the ages of 14 and 34, I wanted to lose five pounds. I tried every single diet on the earth, from Scarsdale to Atkins and back. I believed if only I were skinnier and prettier, everything would […]

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On occasion, I can spend a good portion of the wee hours with Mr. What If and Ms. Worrywart, my own self-perpetuated late night visitors. And I don’t like it (or them). I could be sleeping or contemplating my navel or anything but spinning my wheels over something that hasn’t happened or that is out […]

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Need an exercise pick-me-up? Great music has restorative power, so update that playlist and pick up your pace! And tell us on Facebook, what’s your jam?

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I can’t be called a fitness guru. I don’t count calories. I don’t know what my VO2 max is, and I don’t run races. But if you get to dress up as a chicken or trudge through mud, I’ll consider entering. Why? That sounds like fun to me, and I might make a few friends, which […]

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I admit, I am a very late convert to hot yoga shorts. My instructors back at Boulder Bikram Yoga used to come over and say, “Where are your knees? I can’t tell if your legs are straight. Don’t be shy.” I’d smile and think something along the lines of, Don’t bother me. I’m concentrating. That particular […]

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