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Tailored Quality Fit Meets Comfortable Active Apparel In The Drishti Pullover   The first thing you’ll notice about the Drishti pullover is the attractive eyelet pattern. The tailored, wide v-neck, 3/4 sleeves and dropped rear hem give it a polished look, but don’t let the appearance fool you. This piece is a workhorse made of […]

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I need a sports bra that can keep up with all my movements. Even the day to day ones because I pretty much wear the Tempo everyday. Having a secure bra is super important to me. I don’t need to be worrying about adjustments or exposure when I’m on the rock or on my mat. […]

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Join Paisley for a 12 day Yoga Challenge February 17-28th and a chance to win! Stonewear Ambassador, Paisley Close, is co-hosting a challenge with two other yoga teachers on Instagram (@lightfulyogini and @aimeemasch). Dates of the challenge are 17-28 February. Follow @paisleyanneyoga to stay up to date. The challenge is called #FundamentalsOfFlow and covers three […]

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The search for the most comfy yoga tights ever We are all searching for that comfortable, all day yoga tight. The problem is, we seldom find it. Some yoga tights are great for being active, but not comfortable enough to wear all day. Others don’t perform up to our expectations during certain activities or don’t […]

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It is always bright and shining here in sunny Southern California! This means its beach body time all year round for Los Angeles.  My quick to grab outfit is the Temp bra covered with the comfortable Rush tank, and for my stylish bottoms the Fusion Capris is the way to go. Tempo Bra and Fusion […]

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As I shift out of winter bouldering season and into trail running, outdoor yoga, and sport climbing, I’m trading in my long pants and jackets for Stonewear’s new spring line. For all warm-weather activities, I especially love the new Tempo Bra and Vibe Shorts. This is my go-to outfit for running, yoga, and rock climbing. […]

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While it looks simple on the surface, anyone who’s practiced it knows Chaturanga Dandasana is one of yoga’s toughest poses. To do it in safe postural alignment, in the split-second flow on the way to Down Dog or Cobra can be even more challenging. In a typical vinyasa yoga class, you practice Low Plank (more accurately known as Four-Limbed Staff pose) upwards […]

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Georgie is a yoga teacher, rock climber, writer, and lover of the outdoors from Moraga, California. She spends her time climbing, writing and exploring her way through northern California and the High Sierras. What are your favorite activities? Rock climbing, yoga, writing poems, being outside, being weird, listening to music, laughing, eating, reading, traveling, hearing […]

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Yogi Teacher in Training by Cassie Strid I was waiting for my home studio, Yoga Junction, to open a teacher training program. They offered their first program starting in September 2013 and ending in August of 2014, meeting one week of every month for fifteen hours. I finally worked up the courage, filled out the […]

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The Most Comfortable Pants: Swoon-Worthy A Review of the Breathe Pant By Lizzy Scully I’m picky about my pants. And when I find a style I like, I buy four or five pairs and wear them every day. This year, I’m making more room in my closet for the Breathe Pant. A few months ago, […]

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Stonewear Designs Grassroots Team Member Melissa Love reviews her new favorite climbing, running, and yoga piece: The Rockin’ Pant Sometimes you need a pair of pants that you can climb in, do yoga in, or hike in and then walk into the store and not look like a dirt bag. That’s a tall order. Thankfully, […]

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This week’s Tidbits come from yoga instructor Rebecca Louzan Monroe. Rebecca shows us some easy steps to achieve your yoga goals–no matter your age, body type, or fitness level. Try these poses to relax, tone, and introduce yourself to the practice. Yoga translates to “yoke” or to “unite.” The very name “Yoga” refers to the unity […]

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On occasion, I can spend a good portion of the wee hours with Mr. What If and Ms. Worrywart, my own self-perpetuated late night visitors. And I don’t like it (or them). I could be sleeping or contemplating my navel or anything but spinning my wheels over something that hasn’t happened or that is out […]

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This week’s tidbits come from all of our Ambassadors, Grassroots Team Members, and other friends of Stonewear. As raging winds, flying snow, and short days approach, we need to find other things to do besides rock climb, kayak, and spend all of our leisure time in the great outdoors. So, we get more creative when […]

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I admit, I am a very late convert to hot yoga shorts. My instructors back at Boulder Bikram Yoga used to come over and say, “Where are your knees? I can’t tell if your legs are straight. Don’t be shy.” I’d smile and think something along the lines of, Don’t bother me. I’m concentrating. That particular […]

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From Puerto Rico to New York City, YogaSlacker Adi Carter makes good use of her new Tulip Dress: True to Slacker form, after 4 months living in Puerto Rico we ended up shooting the latest Redefining Balance YogaSlackers slackline video on the last day before I had to leave on a 5 p.m. flight.  So […]

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Tonya Clement may be a little lady at just over five feet, 3 inches tall, but there’s nothing small about the amount of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement this 48-year-old brings to life. Whether it’s writing a book about post-Everest married life, climbing mountains for peace or to save mountain gorillas, or running Colorado’s most successful […]

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This year, Stonewear Designs decided to join its brother company Trango Extraordinary Climbing at the Red Rock Rendezvous, a rock climbing event in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, just outside of Las Vegas, Nev. The Stonewear Team (in this case blog editor Lizzy Scully and guest team member Casey Jones) brought some neat outfits down, […]

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