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How To Mix Up Your Exercise Routine by Amelia Mayer Every time I have a baby (I just delivered my third), I feel like I am starting over with exercise.  And honestly, this isn’t always a welcome feeling as I begin to feel muscles I hadn’t used in months.  In the past, bed rest and […]

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We took to Twitter to ask you, why do you run? This is what our followers said. What about you? Do you run for the love of running or for another reason? @AColoradoGal said: @Stonewear I #run because I love it. Granted, I burn out from time to time, but always start itching to get back on […]

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The following piece was written by one of our catalog models and running friends who recently ran her first marathon. She used to dread the idea of running more than one mile. Now, she’s conquering 26.2 of them. I’ve never considered myself much of a runner. In fact, I used to hate the thought of […]

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  By Stonewear Designs Grassroots Team Member Haley Dahle As a single mom and runner, I’ve had to get pretty creative when trying to log miles (or even work out in general). Over the last few years, I’ve found a few solutions that eliminate any possible excuses I can come up with. 1. Learn to […]

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Stonewear Grassroots Team Member and former Pilates instructor Melissa Love shows us one of her favorite core moves for today’s fitness tip: the Twist! This move will target all four layers of abs. So sit back, breathe, and get ready to strengthen your core. Here’s how you do it: 1. Begin laying on your back with […]

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To achieve your best race results, you’ve got to run efficiently. How? Your body needs to be relaxed with good form. More than anything else, practicing good running form will carry you to the finish line safely and enjoyably–whether you’re doing a 5k or 100 miles (though, if you’re still running at Mile 100, then […]

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  Has this happened to you? You learn about some evil food that you should never, ever eat. And then a few months later you find out it’s actually good for you? These mixed pieces of advice are frustrating. If you’re as confused as we sometimes are when it comes to nutrition, then you may […]

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Forget to plan ahead this year? Never fear, our ambassadors are here…with great adventure date ideas! Whether you’ve got plans with your long-term sweetie or it’s your first date night, you can save money and avoid crowds by planning one of these exciting, down-to-earth dates. Spread the topo maps out on […]

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  This week’s fitness tips come from psychotherapist JJ Levy. She helps women pave their own path to fitness by focusing on activities and exercise that make them feel happy and healthy.   1. Shed & Simplify. Shedding means saying “no” to things that prevent you from doing what you love. Simplifying is tougher. It is saying […]

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