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By Cassie Strid As each January 1 rolls around, so do my hopes that this will be my golden year. It’s the year I’ll get fit. I’ll accomplish my goals. I’ll be more active. And as every January 1 rolls away, so do some of my resolutions. This new year was no different in terms […]

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Our very own Cassie Strid is running her first half-marathon at the end of this month! She started her running season with 4 mile runs, and is now pounding the pavement to the tune of almost 10 miles. So, as a quasi-runner myself (let’s just say I haven’t trained for a race…yet), I asked her […]

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December is quickly coming to a close, so as we say goodbye to 2012 , we here at Stonewear are thinking about how to make 2013 an even better year. We consulted our Ambassadors and Grassroots Team Members to get their opinions on New Year’s resolutions and to ask them what kinds of goals or projects they […]

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