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Getting out of a Fitness Rut – A Gym Rat Goes CrossFit by Dana Waggener Recently, I read an article online about the biggest mistakes we make in our fitness routines. According to the health editors at MORE Magazine, one of the classic mistakes that smart women make in their fitness routines is doing the […]

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One of my female athlete inspirations is Florence Griffith Joyner “Flo Jo.”  One of the great track and field athletes.  She was fast and flamboyant, powerful and strong.  She exuded intense strength with femininity combined.  Although we lost her early (aged 38) from heart failure amidst rumors of enhancement drugs, she had always had a […]

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                          Make 2013 your healthiest year yet! Commit to one (or more!) of these 10 steps, and transform your life. It really is that simple. 1. Take time to stretch & breathe.  Just a few reaches or a fabulous yoga session will leave you feeling […]

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This week’s tidbits come from our Ambassadors and Grassroots Team Members. As raging winds, flying snow, and short days approach, we need to find other things to do besides rock climb, kayak, and spend all of our leisure time in the great outdoors. So what do we do? Get more creative as it gets colder. […]

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