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The Most Comfortable Pants: Swoon-Worthy A Review of the Breathe Pant By Lizzy Scully I’m picky about my pants. And when I find a style I like, I buy four or five pairs and wear them every day. This year, I’m making more room in my closet for the Breathe Pant. A few months ago, […]

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By Lizzy Scully “Enough” isn’t a concept I understand very well. My longtime climbing/personal trainer, Chris, says, “Lizzy, you just need to stop. Don’t do that extra push-up or crunch. Stop well before you get tired. Just stop.” Chris has been saying this to me ever since I met him, and for most of my […]

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Fitness Tips: Managing Pain & Exercise I have arthritis. Specifically, I suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis. It’s an autoimmune disease, and it causes my body to attack itself. Subsequently, I hurt. At the worst times it feels like someone is jamming scalding hot knives in my joints; at the best of time I ache with a […]

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We could write about hard-core rock climber Quinn Brett, but written words probably wouldn’t do her justice. So we’re letting our latest Inner Visions, Outer Triumphs video do the talking. Quinn is a mountain maven, fierce athlete, and wilderness protector. And, perhaps because of Quinn’s childhood growing up with a band of boys, she’s proven that […]

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By Lizzy Scully, Photos by Will Mebane (except for the first one) Still 40 feet from the belay, I felt warm drops of urine trickle down my leg, over painfully swollen yellow jacket stings. After four hours, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. “I’ve gotta go!” I screamed at the top of my lungs […]

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Every year, I take months off from my favorite sport—rock climbing—because of overuse injuries. Sometimes, as with last year, the months extended to more than 10, with five months of physical therapy, followed by surgery and more therapy. I’m 39, yet I have repeatedly ignored the advice of my physical therapists and doctors for the […]

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This week’s tidbits come from our Ambassadors and Grassroots Team Members. As raging winds, flying snow, and short days approach, we need to find other things to do besides rock climb, kayak, and spend all of our leisure time in the great outdoors. So what do we do? Get more creative as it gets colder. […]

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One day late August, videographer Brad Clement and I spent the day filming some of the many things a woman can do wearing the Liberty Skort. From fishing and cycling to in-line skating and yoga, this skort works for many athletic endeavors. I especially like it because while I love wearing skirts, I am also […]

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I got my first pair of Rockin’ Pants 3+ years ago. They quickly became my go-to climbing pants, and I wore them on Yosemite National Park’s big walls, England’s gritstone crags, and Colorado’s granite cracks. I chose them whenever cool temps and rough rock warranted burly, stretchy pants. For alpine rock climbing, the deep zip […]

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