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#in30 Fitness Challenge: A Mile a Day and No More Excuses! By Amanda Renner When I first heard about the #in30 challenge I fell in love with it… or at least the idea of it.  Who doesn’t want a pre-made, at-home workout handed to them at the beginning of every month?  Apparently me.  While I […]

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As I’ve grown older, I’ve really come to appreciate having my own personal fitness goals. I used to define my fitness success or failure by way of comparison to other people in my immediate surroundings, in addition to a few friends who post their fitness achievements on Facebook–a horrible practice, but one I actually did […]

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We took to Twitter to ask you, why do you run? This is what our followers said. What about you? Do you run for the love of running or for another reason? @AColoradoGal said: @Stonewear I #run because I love it. Granted, I burn out from time to time, but always start itching to get back on […]

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