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Get your game face on: with this exercise game, Monday Night Football is Now Monday Night FITball With our Monday Night Fitball game, you can enjoy your football and have your fitness, too! Here’s why we think our exercise game, Monday Night Fitball, is the best thing since cupcakes (okay, well that may be hyperbole, […]

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During lunch with one of my girlfriends, we stumbled onto the topic of feeling self-conscious about our bodies. She was telling a story of how she and another friend were taking part in a group weights class at their gym. As they entered the classroom, my friend noticed that a woman was only wearing a […]

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As I’ve grown older, I’ve really come to appreciate having my own personal fitness goals. I used to define my fitness success or failure by way of comparison to other people in my immediate surroundings, in addition to a few friends who post their fitness achievements on Facebook–a horrible practice, but one I actually did […]

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