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March is National Nutrition Month, so we asked our team to share their favorite heart (and tastebud!) happy meals. Tell us below, what’s on your list? Oats seem to be the trendiest item on ours! 10 Heart Happy Meal Ideas: 1. One of my favorite easy lunches is to toss together a rinsed can of […]

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Goals Should be Moving Targets… Right? Goals Should be Moving Targets… Right? By Terri Barry, Stonewear Designs Ambassador I have always been very goal oriented. Soon after I started climbing I formulated two climbing goals. The first was to climb 5.12 in the gym. Consistently top roping 5.12a would do. The second was to be […]

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20 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes for a Healthy Holiday I say this every holiday: but I really really love Thanksgiving. While the Fourth of July is still Numero Uno in my heart, Thanksgiving follows closely behind (and this year, I get Chanukah too…and I mean, have you ever tried a latke? If not, add this dish to […]

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To me, a workout involves breathing heavily and breaking a sweat.  Is that how you classify getting some good exercise?  Although enjoyable, I didn’t used to consider my evening walks with my family true exercise. But I recently stumbled across some impressive and encouraging information, which helped me to appreciate that walking is much better […]

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Take care of yourself this weekend with this wellness tip from Stonewear Grassroots Team Member Melissa Love: Make time to walk and talk with a friend. Friends are good for our wellbeing. A good friend makes us feel loved and accepted. A good friend is always a sounding board for what is happening in our […]

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  Has this happened to you? You learn about some evil food that you should never, ever eat. And then a few months later you find out it’s actually good for you? These mixed pieces of advice are frustrating. If you’re as confused as we sometimes are when it comes to nutrition, then you may […]

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When you’re feeling a little peaked, unmotivated, stressed out, or just all-around “blah,” you might feel like it’s just too difficult to change your state of mind. Try just one of these steps, and you’ll feel better–both physically and emotionally.   1. Breath does a body good. Take a long, deep inhale through your nose, […]

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Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to give in to your sweet tooth. But why spend all that money on highly processed, not-so-nutritious treats when you can make your own healthy but still scrumptious recipes? Whether you’re cooking for your sweetie or yourself, these recipes should do the trick! Let us know which one(s) you make […]

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                      Make 2013 your healthiest year yet! Our ambassador team–some of the best climbers, adventure moms, personal trainers, and all around athletes we know–have some great (and easy!) tips for you to incorporate into your daily life. Have a question for one of our ambassadors? […]

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December is quickly coming to a close, so as we say goodbye to 2012 , we here at Stonewear are thinking about how to make 2013 an even better year. We consulted our Ambassadors and Grassroots Team Members to get their opinions on New Year’s resolutions and to ask them what kinds of goals or projects they […]

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