10 Self-Care Tips

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Make 2013 your healthiest year yet! Commit to one (or more!) of these 10 steps, and transform your life. It really is that simple.

1. Take time to stretch & breathe.  Just a few reaches or a fabulous yoga session will leave you feeling awake and aware.  A few deep breaths will de-stress your mind and body, getting you ready to conquer the day! Try a relaxing pose in the morning, or stretch it out during your lunch hour. -Brandi Bolli Humphrey, Stonewear Grassroots Team Member

2Get out of your comfort zone. Do something to challenge yourself. Get out of your ordinary daily routine and get comfortable with change. Try a new exercise class, move your indoor workouts outdoors, or add just a few more minutes to your sweat sessions. –Brandi Bolli Humphrey

3. “No” is a magic word. Taking on too many commitments can be a sure path to stress. Limit your stress by knowing when to say “No.” –Amelia Mayer, blogger at Tales of a Mountain Mama 

4. Sunshine! Load up on Vitamin D–naturally. Get outside! If you work in an office environment, take a 15-minute break and go outside, walk around the building, and breathe in the fresh air. It will invigorate you, refocus your eyesight (look into the distance), and feel the healthy and happy effects of the sunshine. -Mychele Lepinsky, Stonewear Ambassador, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and Triathlete.

5. Be kind to yourself. By all means, set goals. But don’t get down on yourself if you don’t meet them. Talk to yourself just as you would a friend–use encouraging words. -Eve Hersh

6. Ditch the alarm. If you want to go faster, be more accurate, and recover from injuries in record time, turn off your alarm. Researchers at Stanford University’s Center for Sleep Sciences examined the effects of extended sleep on athletic performance. Athletes all improved their speed, accuracy, and reaction time with 6-7 weeks of solid sleep. More sleep also led to less injury, and, in general, less mental stress and strain. –Deanna Lynn Wulff, Stonewear Grassroots Team Member, author of  The Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost: Hard Hikes for Wild Womenand blogger at Minerva’s Moxie

7. Eat real food. We live rural and find great financial relief from using programs such as Bountiful Baskets to get fresh produce. –Amelia Mayer

8. Hand wash or sanitize religiously. Especially after grocery shopping. Just make sure you keep lotion on hand–dry skin is more vulnerable to infection. -Aimee Roseborrough, Stonewear Ambassador and blogger at Mama Climbs


9. Take 10. Take 10minutes for yourself each day, whether it’s for self-reflection, contemplation, or prayer. –Amelia Mayer 
10. Appreciate more. It’s almost an instant reaction–we focus more on the negatives, less on the positives. Resolve to find a silver lining in things that typically upset you, and you’ll see your mood shift. When we highlight the parts of our lives that give us joy, we don’t have much room for complaining, even when something bad happens.-JJ Levy, psychotherapist specializing in eating disorders and self-esteem issues 
 Tell us, what kinds of things do you do to take care of yourself, either emotionally, physically, or spiritually?

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