9 Questions with Ambassador Valarie Anderson

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Our goal at Stonewear is to create a team of ambassadors that are active, motivated, and good stewards in their communities and the outdoors. The newest addition to the team is Valarie Anderson, a climbing gym owner from southern California. We caught up with Valarie and asked her 9 quick “get to know you” questions. Enjoy!

1. Tell us about yourself. What do you do? Where do you live? Family?
I’m an outdoor enthusiast at heart. I grew up camping, hiking, and fishing on family vacations. I found climbing in my early 20’s, and fell head over heels in love! The climbing community has blessed me with amazing people I now call friends and family. It has also become the primary way my husband and I make a living. We own and manage an indoor rock climbing gym that we built together. My husband, two step daughters, and I live in Silverado, California, about 30 minutes from our gym.

2. What inspires you to get and stay active?
My health is the most valuable contribution I can offer to my family. I keep my body healthy to live longer and enjoy a high quality of life for them and for me. My mind and soul always feel at their best when I regularly exercise in my favorite ways.

3. What are your favorite sports, activities, and hobbies? (Fitness and non-fitness related.)
I love to rock climb, first and foremost. Climbing outdoors is physically and mentally enriching for me, especially when I’m able to camp. I’ve always been a runner, and what started as a bucket list item has led me to run 2 marathons and counting. To keep my body well balanced and free of injury I practice yoga. I dabble a little in jewelry making, often using stones I pick up along my travels.

4. What’s your favorite quote?
“It takes all kinds of kinds” ~ Various Sources

However, my favorite is Miranda Lambert’s song: All Kinds of Kinds.
I find myself using this quote more often because the world is filled with diversity. I love reminding myself that each person is valuable in many ways. I might not agree with everyone and every idea, but it’s important to remember that we each come from unique places, and have special talents to offer.

5. What goals and dreams do you plan on pursuing this year?
While I consistently and recreationally enjoy many of my favorite sports and activities, I plan to push my limits this year climbing and running. Ultimately I would like to attain the thus far elusive 5.13 grade in sport climbing, and to get there I will be working hard again on many 5.12 projects. While traveling this year I hope to add several half marathons to my list, all in continuous prep for the 2016 LA Marathon and a sub 4 hours goal. Of course, Stonewear will be there throughout all my training and travels. I look forward to spreading the word about the versatility of the clothing line and how it is helping me to achieve my personal goals.

6. What is something that most people don’t know about you?
Most people don’t realize I own the rock climbing gym I work in. I’m seen behind the counter helping customers, and greeting new guests. I also look young for my age, so it’s not farfetched to assume I am just another employee. I think people are impressed with my friendly attitude and natural demeanor. I hope people consider me open and willing to listen to their ideas, and support their climbing experience any way I am able. Being approachable is important to me; after all, I’m just like them, another climbing lover!

7. Favorite workout song?
Anything country gets me moving! I love Dierks Bentley, and his fun beats and lyrics often put a little wiggle in my workout!

8. Favorite food?
They say ‘everything in moderation’, but I could just about over dose on Mexican food any day of the week! My favorite is chicken taquitos with homemade guacamole from my family’s avocado tree.

9. Anything else you’d like to include or that you’d like the Stonewear community to know about you?
I earned a teaching credential in elementary education, and was once a kindergarten teacher. While I miss those days and the students I still find ways to keep teaching others. I enjoy taking others outdoors, especially for their first climbing trips. I believe outdoor ethics are even more valuable as many of the most popular crags are experience growing pains. Being a positive and ethical ambassador for all my sports and sponsors is a priority.

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