A Day in the Life of the Lyra Top (Fall Line)

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Most tops that have a built-in bra are not supportive enough or comfortable enough, because you can feel the elastic below your chest… The Lyra Top is a wonderful exception…here’s my actual day-to-day that happened last week…

Mychele in the Lyra top

I wore my Lyra top to teach indoor cycling on a Thursday morning and realized that the built-in bra was SO comfortable and had great support for a gal with a full B/small C cup :o)
After wearing it to teach, I found myself wanting to wear it around town… So, my next load of laundry was that Saturday, & I found myself looking for a cute skirt in my closet to wear with it and do my errands around Boulder… The bank, grocery shopping, filled my car with gas, and had to get the dogs out for a walk. After a bunch of hours in my Lyra top, I was home again and playing with my yellow labs, and couldn’t have been more comfortable while I also felt “dressed up”. The 2nd part of my evening was dinner with my man at a local restaurant and a perfect end to a great night. It’s awesome to think I can ‘workout’ and ‘go out’ all in the same cute top! I think I need the Lyra top in ALL the colors that its available in! :o) Try it ~ You will love it!

By Mychele Lepinsky, Stonewear Designs Ambassador


Check out the New Fall Line colors for the Lyra Top on the Stonewear Designs website!

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