A Trail Run Through the High Country by Liv McCoy

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There are times where you just need to be with nature. Running, walking, stretching or just sitting still and enjoying the moment it doesn’t really matter as long as I’m outside and away from society. My favorite place to do this is at Brainard Lake. During the week and super early in the morning no one is around and the quiet is just beautiful.

This last week I went up to Brainard Lake to go for a run. Of course I wear my favorite running capris by . Even though it was cool and chilly outside my legs were at a perfect temperature while wearing the Sprinter Capris. During stretching and warming up I had to keep my Stonewear Design Alpha Hoody on. My hoody doesn’t have drawstrings, because the hood actually stays on my head even when I have a ponytail. It keeps my body heat in while I warm up and it is comfortable and soft.

While running along Brainard Lake I enjoy the sunrise, mountains and then I spotted wildlife! Thankfully I was on the other side of the lake from them, but I spotted four moose. As I continued on my run I’d stop every now and again to stretch and watch the moose munch on shrubs. Moose, mountains, sunrise, a lake and comfortable Stonewear designs, running, clothes all make for a perfect morning run.

By Stonewear Ambassador- Liv McCoy
Liv- Brainard Lake

Liv- Sprinter

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