Ab Exercise: Power Up that Core!

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Stonewear Grassroots Team Member and former Pilates instructor Melissa Love shows us one of her favorite core moves for today’s fitness tip: the Twist! This move will target all four layers of abs. So sit back, breathe, and get ready to strengthen your core.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Begin laying on your back with your knees bent and hands behind your head.

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Melissa is wearing the Olympia Tank and Rockin Capri

Note: It’s best not to lace your fingers, as you don’t want to over pull on your neck.

2. Bring your knees into “table top” position one at a time while coming into a “crunch.”

3. Stay crunched (upper abdominal curl forward) while rotating your right shoulder towards your left knee.

4. Lower one leg while the other stays at a 90-degree angle (table top position)

5. Stay crunched forward and switch sides, now turning your left shoulder towards your right knee.

6. Do 10 twists on each side.


1. Focus on keeping your lower abdominal region as flat as possible.

2. Keep your elbows wide.

3. Go slowly, really feeling focusing on your abs.

Note: Any new exercise should be approached with caution and one should never exercise through pain. If you feel pain, stop.

Want to see some more core exercises from Melissa? Check out her Ab and Core Exercise Video.

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