Ambassador Favorites: Natalie Duran

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It’s finally Spring! My favorite time of the year. It is time to shed the boots, jackets, and long pants. I definitely won’t be missing those extra layers. Here in California this means shorts, dresses, and flip-flops every day! There is one article of clothing that never lets me down… the Ladderback Dress!


I never knew feeling and looking beautiful could be so effortless! The moment I threw on the Ladder Back dress I did a 360 turn in the mirror and found myself striking poses. You would not believe how form fitting this dress is, and it creates a beautiful silhouette for your body. More than anything I appreciate the comfortability of the fit and fabric. The stretch gives rise to form, and allows for stretch. I found myself wearing this to brunch dates, Sunday errands, even to work thrown on with a blazer!


My shoulders are well developed as a climber, and they are physically wider. This dress still fits great, and I absolutely love the ladder detail at the back. It is an eye catcher to anyone I pass by. Also you wouldn’t notice it at first, but there is a little secret pocket at the side! I found this perfect when I needed to run quick errands and didn’t want to carry around a big purse. It fit my car keys and a credit card easily. There is a zipper closure so personal belongings stay put. I get complements left and right when wearing the Ladderback Dress, I am sure you will too!

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