Ambassador Natalie Duran’s Go-To Fitness Outfit

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Ambassador Natalie Duran’s Go-To Fitness Outfit

It is always bright and shining here in sunny Southern California! This means its beach body time all year round for Los Angeles.  My quick to grab outfit is the Temp bra covered with the comfortable Rush tank, and for my stylish bottoms the Fusion Capris is the way to go.

Tempo Bra and Fusion Capris in Action

My most anticipated new Stonewear item this spring and summer is the Tempo Bra! When I climb, my focus is all on the wall I don’t like to be distracted by any loose clothing or tight shirts that may shift my focus on movement. The support from the tempo bra is great; the best feature is the removable padded inserts. So when you wash the Tempo Bra, you shouldn’t be afraid of the support losing shape or form. Also if you need more coverage, insert your own padded support! I quickly throw on the Rush Tank; it holds its form nicely on my body for a semi-fitted feel and doesn’t feel suffocating like some other fitness tops. I thought the fabric was cotton for the low-impact feel, but the simply soft poly blend makes it more moisture-wicking.

Natalie sporting the Tempo Bra - Favorite fitness outfit
Natalie sporting the Tempo Bra

Every time I wear my Fusion Capris I get complements from strangers at the crag, gym, or fitness classes. The contrasting of the black breathable panel adds a unique design to the heathered fabric of the rest of the capri. My background is a climber, and I compete and train as an American Ninja Warrior and I never have to worry about pulling my capris up! It doesn’t matter if I am sprinting across the beach, or hanging upside down by my legs… my outfit doesn’t budge or distract me! The Fusion Capris hug my body nicely, not too tight and I don’t have to worry about any sagging around the waist. If you think you have worn comfortable capris before, you have never worn Fusion Capris before! The fabric is light and cloud-like, so breathable and comfortable.

I have tried out many different outfits when I climb outdoors or train in the gym. I switch out my outfits to see which best fits my active lifestyle, or just to switch the style up. However, my go-to fitness outfit with the Rush Tank, tempo bra and the Fusion Capris never seems to fail me! It fits my lifestyle completely, and looks bangin’!

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