Amelia Mayer's Resolution: Run a Half Marathon

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December is quickly coming to a close, so as we say goodbye to 2012 , we here at Stonewear are thinking about how to make 2013 an even better year. We consulted our Ambassadors and Grassroots Team Members to get their opinions on New Year’s resolutions and to ask them what kinds of goals or projects they have planned for the new year. Have questions or comments for our ambassadors? Connect on Facebook.

Photo from my first 10K run, which made me think I COULD handle a half!

Stonewear Designs Ambassador Amelia Mayer writes:

My resolution is to run a half marathon this year–something that I never thought I would EVER be able to do, but want to do for myself, my family, my health, and my mental “you-can-do-it” sanity. While this may not happen until the fall, my training begins now…in small doses (because small changes always equal LIFE changes):

1. Carve out time in my schedule to run and commit. I am a busy mom of two toddlers, so that may mean just three or four days a week, 30 minutes at a time, and more often than not pushing 60 pounds of kid in a stroller.

2. Be the change I want to be–most of it is mental anyway! “I can do it, I can do it….”

3. Be okay with going to the gym in the dark (headlamps are my friend).

4. Wear clothes that make me FEEL good (Stonewear clothes are my favorite….really!). 

5. Be okay with “me” time.  No stroller, no dog, not even an iPod. Just me, my feet, my rhythm, and my thoughts. And I WON’T feel guilty about it!

6. Eat to fuel my body, not my emotions. I will run better, feel better, and BE better.

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