Apply to become a Stonewear Designs Ambassador!

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Apply to become a Stonewear Designs Ambassador!

Download the 2014-2015 Stonewear Designs Grassroots Ambassador Application and email the completed application to by July 15, 2014. This should open a Microsoft Word document. Please email us if you have any issues with the application.

Do you lead an active sports lifestyle? Are you involved in your community, and/or do you give back to the world with your energy and time? If so, join our group of inspiring active women and apply to become a Stonewear Ambassador.

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As a Stonewear Designs Ambassador you will promote Stonewear Designs through social media posts, blog updates, and personal product reviews. As well, you will support us at your local events and provide us with videos and pictures showing your busy active lifestyle while wearing Stonewear Designs. In return, for your support we will promote you as a sponsored ambassador and provide you with athletic wear for your upcoming endeavors!

At Stonewear Designs, we accomplish our expanding goals because we’re just like you: we’re determined women who lead busy lives balancing time between family, friends, work, and play. We need clothes that make us feel beautiful while performing under strenuous demands, and we need these clothes to endure the test of time, both structurally and aesthetically. Over the past 18 years, the women of Stonewear Designs have risen to the challenge of developing an extraordinary line of clothing. Now we’re looking for women to express our vision through their outer triumphs. Share your accomplishments with us, and apply to become an Ambassador today!

Please download the application by clicking here. Submit your application to by July 15, 2014.

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