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Question: I love my black Precis Stretch Liberty pant, and I wear it all the time. What’s the best way to keep the material from fading over time?

We love our darkest-colored clothes—our little black Tulip dress, our inky Lyra tank, and our most important wardrobe piece, the coal-colored Liberty pant. Stonewear’s special athletic stretchy, poly blend makes us look thinner on days we feel fat, it smoothes out the bumps on our thighs, and it’s soft and quick drying. Best of all, our Liberty pants match every top in the closet. So what’s the best way to keep our ultimate fashion pieces in tip-top shape?

Luckily, the Precis material holds its color longer than other black fabrics, such as cotton. However, to ensure all your blacks last as long as possible, try these tips:

  1. Wash them in cold water. Cold water reduces suds, which in turn helps prevent dark colors from fading.
  2. Use color-safe liquid detergent; powder can leave a residue.
  3. Turn your garment inside out when washing in order to protect the fibers from damage caused by agitation
  4. Hang that baby out to dry, but keep it out of direct sunlight. Sun and heat cause fading and can weaken fabric
  5. With especially tough stains, rub a solution of white vinegar and water on the stain before washing
  6. Wait until your black clothes are dirty before washing them. More washing=more wear, and less stretch, color, and shine.
  7. And a special tip from Linda Farley, Dealer Services Rep at Stonewear Designs: “I suggest customers use Woolite for dark colors in the black bottle. It refreshes dark colors that fade over time!”

Ask answer provided by Stonewear Design’s fabric and design guru Claudine Campbell

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