Bobbi Bensman: Pushing Limits

Self-Esteem -

Bobbi Bensman has been inspiring me since 1994…

Women's activewear climber boulder
Bobbi is wearing the Stonewear Designs Double Cross Top and Mychele is wearing the Lyra Top and Stonewear Pant

When I was a competitive rock climber in the 1990s, there weren’t a lot of women who were pushing the limits, and I aspired to be as strong as the women who were at the top in the United States. In 1995, I made the cut-off! Top 20. Bobbi was #1, and I was #20. Having made the list with her at the top, made me so proud of my achievements in rock climbing as a strong female. As we all moved through life in the 90s and 2000s, I watched Bobbi maintain her strength and love of rock climbing, while building a life with her husband and two daughters, as well as creating a thriving business they currently run together. Nineteen years later, I am proud to call Bobbi my friend and my hero. I feel very lucky to get to climb with her today. She’s an amazing role model who is kind, caring, funny, strong, smart, and most of all, she has an unwavering sense of self.


Mychele Lepinsky, Stonewear Designs Ambassador

Bobbi was one of Stonewear’s first catalog models, and she’s also one of our sources of inspiration. Check out our Inner Visions, Outer Triumphs interview with Bobbi, where she discusses her athletic endeavors and what she learned from her mother.

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