Detox Poses #4: Forward Fold with Open Arm Twist

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Spring is a time for stretching and getting a jump start from a long winter. One of our favorite ways to shake the winter slumber is to practice a series of detox yoga poses. Detox poses help stimulate circulation, increase metabolism, and aid digestion. Over the next 7 weeks, we’ll be sharing our favorite poses with you. Check back each week for a new pose to practice!


Benefit: Having the heart higher than the head stimulates your circulatory system by reversing the gravity pull which improves the movement of elimination. Adding the twist makes room for nourishing blood while releasing the bad filled with carbon dioxides.

How To: Stand tall taking a big inhale filling up the lungs while bringing the hands over head. On your exhale bring your arms down while folding over body. Release your neck and gentle bend in knees to release low back. To add the twist, remain in this forward fold and plant your right hand to the earth while gently bending your right knee only. Bring your left hand up to the sky for a full open twist. Switch sides.

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