Detox Poses #6: Legs Up the Wall

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Pose #6: Legs Up the Wall

Spring is a time for stretching and getting a jump start from a long winter. One of our favorite ways to shake the winter slumber is to practice a series of detox yoga poses. Detox poses help stimulate circulation, increase metabolism, and aid digestion. Over the next 7 weeks, we’ll be sharing our favorite poses with you. Check back each week for a new pose to practice!


Benefits: Improves the circulation of blood and lymph between your feet to the legs immediately sending fresh nourishing blood to the digestive organs. The most beneficial aspect of this pose is it completely soothes the nervous system, calming the brain and distressing the body. Allows the brain to shift it’s attention to daily bodily functions such as detox rather than daily stress.

How To: Bring your sit bones and one shoulder to touch the wall. Then swing your extended legs up the wall so bottoms of feet are pointed to the sky. Arms can lay by side or extended out with palms to the sky. For more of a restorative pose rest a blanket or bolster under your hips. Stay here for at least 10 full breaths while staying here as long as you wish melting into this restorative pose.

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