Detox Poses #7: Crescent Lunge with Twist

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Pose #7: Crescent Lunge with Twist

This is the final of our 7 for Spring Detox Poses. Check back each week for a new pose to help stimulate circulation, increase metabolism, and aid digestion.


Benefits: Like the other twists toning the abdominal and internal organs stimulates helps to remove toxins, improves digestion and flushes oxygen-rich blood into these internal organs. Plus this pose helps your balance creates stability throughout the entire body while helping to focus the brain.

How To: From Downdog lift your right leg through to the top of your mat in line with your hands. Keep your back heel lifted, making sure your front (right) knee is over your front ankle and your hips are squared pointed towards front of your mat. From here inhale rise fully with arms out by side and twist to the right (same side as the leg that is out front).

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