Double Cross: Double Duty

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stonewear_b stonewear_aWorking, six months pregnant, and a mom to two little boys–it’s enough to leave anyone a little frazzled. Between the exhaustion and my expanding body, getting outdoors has become more and more difficult. For awhile, I was worried about maintaining my active lifestyle (this is, in fact, my first pregnancy as my other two children came to us through adoption). Most of all, I was worried about finding comfortable and supportive clothing that I could feel good about wearing.

And that’s where the Double Cross Top and Meridian Capris came in. Before my pregnancy, these were two of my favorite pieces, and I really wasn’t sure how they would respond to my changing body. As it turns out,  I still feel amazing and look great in them. The support of the Double Cross Top is phenomenal and allows me to feel comfortable and confident while hiking. In fact, it’s so supportive and flattering that I wear it all the time now whether I’m chasing the kids around or just lounging on the couch. The Meridian Capris keep me cool yet covered and fit “just right”–they’re neither too tight or too loose. I’ve always loved how the Meridian Capris fit, and I’m happy to report that they still feel great six months into my pregnancy.  I’ll admit that it takes some extra motivation now to get outdoors as it heats up outside and my belly swells. Probably the best motivator I have is my Stonewear clothing. It’s the best maternity wear I own!

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