Empowering Women with Fitness Accountability Groups

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Amelia Mayer

Spring is here! It’s a rejuvenating time of year when it’s easier to get outside and get moving after months of cold winter weather and short days. Suddenly, we realize that sunlight and warmer temps also mean that it’s the time of year to refocus on fitness goals and start preparing for summer adventures.

Feeling good and confident is more important than looking good. We want to feel strong and ready to tackle mountains (everyone has their own mountain to tackle). Nothing is more discouraging than planning fun adventures but feeling physically unprepared and not enjoying the adventure you planned.

It’s proven that the best motivation to start moving and stay moving is accountability from friends and workout partners. Don’t believe me? Check out this great article on different types of workout buddy systems and how they can work for you. I always prefer face to face interaction with my workout partners because we encourage and challenge each other to push a little harder or go a little further. However, it’s not always possible to schedule my workout with a partner. I’m a mom of three and managing to get away every morning to workout is not always and option. I’m lucky to get consecutive hours of sleep, much less a full 2 hour workout with my workout buddy! I also know that if I’ve made time to sweat before 7:30 a.m. I’m serving myself better and I’m a better mom and wife.

If you are like me, don’t fret! There are other options to get the social interaction that you crave within your workouts, help you find workout buddies, and help you stay accountable to your fitness goals. Social Media and even applications for your phone (check these out) can help keep you accountable, help you stay positive, and help you keep your fitness goals in check.

Facebook Challenge groups are my favorite application of social media engagement. I’ve joined private Facebook challenge groups, full of women with a similar mission, on a similar fitness program. We encourage and challenge each other daily, which helps us stay focused and positive. I like knowing that there are other women out there who can encourage me and notice when I’m not staying on track with my goals.

Accountability and positivity = achievement!

I’ve loved the Facebook Challenge groups so much that I’m starting my own; Mountain Mama Fitness. I am inspired, motivated, and refreshed that so many women struggle and overcome the same roadblocks that I do. Mountain Mama Fitness is my opportunity to give back by creating a positive environment online to facilitate fitness goals for myself and for other women.

My goals this spring and summer are to be happier, kinder, stronger, and more adventurous. I’m focused on feeling good and being comfortable in my own skin. Mountain Mama Fitness provides a way to share goals and work together with other women to meet them. I hope you will join me!

About Amelia
Amelia Mayer is a Stonewear ambassador, super mom, wife, lover of adventure, and fitness coach. You can follow all of her adventures here. Join Amelia at Mountain Mama Fitness and work together towards your spring goals by emailing Amelia directly at mountainmamatales@gmail.com.

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