Exercise Game: Monday Night Football

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Monday Night Football exercise fitness game
Share this with your friends to join the #MondayNightFitball Party! Right click this image and click “Save image as…” to save it to your computer. From there, you can print it out, email it to friends, or share it on Facebook! We also recommend leaving it on your coffee table during the game–it’ll encourage everyone to join in!

Get your game face on: with this exercise game, Monday Night Football is Now Monday Night FITball

With our Monday Night Fitball game, you can enjoy your football and have your fitness, too!

Here’s why we think our exercise game, Monday Night Fitball, is the best thing since cupcakes (okay, well that may be hyperbole, but just go along with it):

  • You can turn an event typically focused on beer and fried foods into a fun, healthy experience. By all means, enjoy the traditional snacks, but health-ify the night by adding in some endorphin-pumping activities!
  • Do you get a little bored with football? Monday Night Fitball will keep you engaged with the game–making it much more exciting!
  • You won’t have to choose the game over the gym or vice versa. Our plan does it for you!
  • You’ll be empathically sweating with the players on the field–making you the ultimate fan. Go you! (We recommend some eye black, too.)
  • If you’re participating in the #in30 monthly fitness challenge, you’ll do double time and knock out some of your reps!

Share your #MondayNightFitball experience and photos with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! We’re psyched to see your game face.

Here are a few helpful links to get you going with these exercises:

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How to do a bicycle crunch (start video at 6:30)

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How to do a wall-sit

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