February Yoga Challenge

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Join Paisley for a 12 day Yoga Challenge February 17-28th and a chance to win!

Stonewear Ambassador, Paisley Close, is co-hosting a challenge with two other yoga teachers on Instagram (@lightfulyogini and @aimeemasch). Dates of the challenge are 17-28 February. Follow @paisleyanneyoga to stay up to date.

The challenge is called #FundamentalsOfFlow and covers three core yoga topics. Each topic will get four days of attention and teaching, for a total of 12 days.

During that time the three will be posting daily, discussing topics, teachings and yoga poses. They will post the night before, so the participants in the challenge know what is coming for the next day. Then the participants post their version of the daily practice on the day of.

To be eligible to win a prize, participants must complete the whole challenge, use #FundamentalsOfFlow, as well as tag all hosts and sponsors in their daily posts. (Hosts will tag too, of course). At the end of the challenge the hosts pick the winners. One lucky winner will get a free pair of Stonewear Design Fusion Capris.

Follow @stoneweardesigns to beat those winter blues!

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