Finding Your Fit: Kaia Halter Top Review

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Find your fit and balance

I’m a selective shopper. When your height is on the short side, and your bust is on the big side, you sort of have to be. It took me many years to span out which styles flatter me, and which do not. My shopping companions often tell me I’m too picky or critical, but I know that my body type calls for certain cuts, designs, and patterns. And as women know all too well, most clothes are created for very specific (Twiggy-esque) body types that most of us just don’t have.

The sizes in my closet range from XXS to L depending on the style. And when it comes to exercise, I need an athletic top that’s big enough for my chest, but smaller around my midsection. So when the Stonewear Designs ladies gave me the Kaia halter top in size medium (my first introduction to the brand), I was unsure of how it would fit. I usually find that form fitting active wear tends to run a little too tight given that I want something that allows me to move freely. I instantly loved the style, so I was eager to try it despite my skepticism. I slipped it on before a walk and lo and behold it was a perfect fit. It’s flattering on the belly, body hugging while comfortable, with seams that make you look longer and leaner, and it is certainly suited for my chest. It’s also made with Stonewear’s Dryflex fabric that not only feels luxurious against my skin, but makes it possible to exercise outside on these painfully hot summer days.

I’d like to think the halter was made just for me because it feels as though it’s perfectly tailored for my body. Yet, I saw another woman with a completely different build rocking it. What’s best? The design of the halter draws the eyes up to your face rather than out to your sides…which is great, because let’s face it, when we’re working out we want people admiring our grit, not eyeing our girth.

By Eve Hersh

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