Fitness Challenge: #in30 Days

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Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 2.45.06 PMAs we start to settle into our fall routines, we feel the temps cooling and winter easily comes to mind.

In August, we had a great time doing Tali Koziol’s well-designed  #in30 yoga flow sequences. (Did anyone else learn how hard stillness and focus can be?)

This month, we are simplifying a bit and going back to a two-exercise format. The September #in30 challenge is designed to help you prepare for winter sports—especially getting those ski legs in working order! If you don’t ski, don’t worry, these two movements will benefit almost any sport you play. The combination of lunges and mountain climbers will help you strengthen some key areas that we plan to build on as fall progresses.

We planned this month to be accessible for women of all fitness levels, so you can pick on lunge days whether you want to do the prescribed number as a TOTAL, or as the number for EACH leg. It’s totally up to you.

The mountain climber time frame is set to keep you moving for the work period, so we urge you to keep going—yes, these are hard! If you have a physical limitation and cannot do one of these exercises, just pick an exercise you CAN do and give us a shout with your daily totals– we want to support your #in30 work–whatever form it takes!

Additionally, we’re focusing on some nutritional topics this month through the @Stonewear Twitter in conjunction with the @in30challenge, so please join us and take part as we commit to making healthier food choices. This part of the challenge will help us get that nutritional support we need for the physical work we do.

Good luck #in30ers! Now, let’s get to work!



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