Friday's 5 Fishing Tips

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This week’s tips come from lifelong fly fisherwoman Karen Daly. We hope you enjoy this regular addition to the Live Stonewear! Blog.

1. Get good polarized sunglasses. They allow you to see through the water and spot those fish.

2. Keep your eye on the fly. It’s challenging with the glare, but when you keep your eye on the fly, you’ll know exactly where it is when you cast it. You can’t cast a fly you can’t see.

3. When casting, don’t bend the wrist back and forth. Keep your forearm and arm straight, go back to about 12 o’clock and then flick forward to about 10 o’clock.

4. Since you have a lot of line out in fly fishing, you’ll want to learn to control the line. Hold onto your fly so that the hook doesn’t get caught on something while you’re dealing with your line.

5. Hold the fly in your left hand, and pull the line slowly, bit by bit, and then flick it to get it beyond the eyes of the fishing rod. This makes casting and controlling your line much easier.

Karen is wearing the Toaster Zip Top in Paisley. She makes Stonewear look good, even in waders. Thanks, Karen!

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