Functional Travel Pieces, Practical Packing

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When it comes to traveling, you only have so much room in your suitcase. That’s why it’s important to pack functional travel pieces for your adventures. I’m also a big fan of practical packing, which includes leaving all the unimportant things behind. Check out my tips for packing functional travel pieces and sticking to practical packing.


Layer Clothing
When traveling, consider layering your clothing. You can put on a few different layers of clothing when you travel to help pack extras. You don’t want to go overboard, but this is a very practical way to get some extra clothing essentials in.

Limit the Number of Pants You Bring
Packing just a few pairs of pants can be used to your advantage when traveling. You don’t need more than 2-3 pairs of pants or shorts because you can mix and match your outfits accordingly. No one will ever know you’re wearing the same bottoms, unless you tell them.

Pack Practical Clothing
Try to pack clothing that can be used in more ways than one. For example-bringing a dress that can be dressed up or down can help you keep your suitcase free of clutter. Items like scarves and flats can be worn with almost anything.

Ask if a Washer is Available
If you’re heading to a travel destination that has a washer or dryer, you’re set. You don’t have to pack as many clothes and you can make your packing even more practical. Plus, you can wash all of the clothes before you get back home to make unpacking even easier.

Leave the Extras Behind
All moms do this “thing” where they feel as though they need to over pack for the “just in case” moments. Instead of bringing those extras, leave them behind. You will be glad you didn’t pack an extra suitcase for the “just in case” because when flying, those dollar signs really add up quickly.

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