Hold Steady with the Double Cross Tank Top

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Clothes don’t fit me. I’m sure that all women feel this way sometimes. But really, they don’t fit me.

by Angie O’Connell, Director of Finance, Great Trango Holdings

Angie O'Connell in the Double Cross Top
Angie O'Connell in the Double Cross Top

I’m 5’3”, and by all measures, except one, I’m a size 12. I wear a 36E. So, I usually end up in a size-16 top (to fit over my boobs), and then it hangs like a tent over the rest of me (often down to my knees). I used to wear my regular bra and a XXL man’s t-shirt to do anything active, and I never did anything high impact.  It was truly painful and embarrassing. I spand that was my lot in life (no one is perfect). But then I found Stonewear Designs.

In 2003 they introduced the Double Cross Top.  I started working for Stonewear in the winter of 2002, so I was sure this top was designed and crafted just for me. However, it has since grown to be our #1 selling top. For those of you still wearing your husband’s (or father’s, or brother’s) old t-shirts, I want to let you know that you have another wonderful option.

The best thing about the Double Cross Top is the inside support bra.  For once I can wear the right size for the rest of me, and still have the inside bra be LONG enough to come down and sit comfortably underneath my boobs.  Amazingly, it does this without showing a lot of cleavage and without causing boob seepage by the armpits. The elastic lays flat on my ribcage. I have never experienced this with any other top. I can now get this top in Dryflex (which is light-weight and wicking) or cotton (which is both soft and thick enough to cover bumps). It also comes in a large variety of colors.

Needless to say, I live in my Double Cross Tanks, and can no longer have an excuse to avoid high impact activities. I can wear this top alone (that’s right … no bra at all) for many activities including hiking, yoga, and weight training. I can do headstands and not fall out. I can reach up and not worry about popping out from under the bra.  I do wear a sports bra under my Double Cross top when I run or do Zumba.  But the amazing thing about this is not just that I am running, but that I  can feel comfortable wearing a strappy top when I’m out at the park or going around the neighborhood.  And if it is chilly out, I can cover with the Toaster Zip Top, and the Double Cross fits well enough that there are no bumps or bulges underneath.  I never knew it was possible.  No more tops two sizes too big…no more excuses!


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