Hoody Review: Take on the Rocks in the Lola Hoody

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Hoody Review: Take on the Rocks in the Lola Hoody

by Terri Barry

This last August, as a brand new Stonewear Designs Ambassador, I thumbed through the Fall 2013 Stonewear Designs catalog. The first item I chose was the Lola Hoody. The fabric alone was enough to get my attention. Performance Jersey, 89% polyester and 11% spandex, guaranteed to wick. The thumb holes sealed the deal. The description of the Lola Hoody on the Stonewear Designs website says:  “We all make mistakes. Discontinuing the Lola was ours. With the flattering gathers along the bodice, deep hood, and charming long sleeved thumbholes, it’s really no wonder you demanded its return. To make amends, we’ve upgraded the fabric to our new, quick-drying Ubersoft performance jersey for maximum cozy comfort.” I think the decision to bring back the Lola Hoody was excellent! Just as the catalog says, the fabric is truly super-soft and feather weight. When I wear it, hardly know I have it on. It is also true to size. I’m 5’7” and 140 lbs. The medium fits me perfectly.

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I love hoodies. I own three others but I noticed immediately that the fabric of the Lola Hoody allows it to be worn in a wider range of weather conditions. The first time I wore it I was on a very strenuous hike up Mt. Tom near Bishop, Calif. The weather was warm and breezy and I didn’t want to get sunburned, so I put on the Lola despite my concern that I’d get hot. To my surprise, I was totally comfortable. I don’t have too many long-sleeved shirts I can wear in warm weather but the Lola Hoody is now on that list.


I have also worn the Lola Hoody in cooler weather. My husband and I took a hike up McGee Canyon in cool and windy weather. I layered the Lola Hoody with a lightweight thermal underneath and was completely comfortable on our hike.

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Now, let’s talk climbing. I am an avid climber and my clothing takes a beating as a result. I was very interested to see how the Lola Hoody’s soft and lightweight fabric would hold up under my climbing punishment. The American Alpine Club Pinecrest Climb-in was my first test. The Lola Hoody was comfortable and held up well. I practically forgot I had it on! But the rock is relatively smooth granite.


The real test would come on my trip to Smith Rock and Trout Creek. The rock at both those locations is rough and unforgiving. Once again, at Smith Rock, the Lola Hoody performed like a champ. I was comfortable in the variable weather conditions – it was cold in the shade and actually hot in the sun. But I wasn’t continually pulling it off and then putting it back on. I just left it on and was comfortable. And after a day of rubbing on some of the rough rock at Smith rock, there’s no pilling or a single pulled thread.

The real test of fabric durability came at Trout Creek. The rock there is basalt columns and it is quite rough. I was a little worried that I would end the day with lots of little holes and pilling. But that didn’t happen. In fact, at one point the tape on the back of my right hand got a hole rubbed in it. I was only halfway up the route and my hand was painful and bleeding since my skin was exposed. I thought, “Well, I guess I’ll cover my hand with the sleeve of my Lola Hoody and see what happens…” So, I put my thumb through the thumb hole and the sleeve shielded the back of my hand from the rough basalt. Not only did I get to the top of the climb but there was no detectable effect on the fabric!


I have washed the Lola Hoody five times. Always in cold water on permanent press cycle, which is how I wash all my performance clothing. I hang it dry. As expected, since the fabric is polyester and spandex, there was no shrinkage. Thus far the fabric still looks new – even with my abuse.

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