Hot Yoga Shorts: For a Sizzling Bikram Class or Just Cooling Off

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Deanna doing Tree Pose in her Stonewear Hot Yoga Shorts

I admit, I am a very late convert to hot yoga shorts. My instructors back at Boulder Bikram Yoga used to come over and say, “Where are your knees? I can’t tell if your legs are straight. Don’t be shy.” I’d smile and think something along the lines of, Don’t bother me. I’m concentrating. That particular instructor owned and probably still owns tiger-striped hot yoga shorts, and clearly, he can’t be trusted with fashion advice. That said, I wasn’t an occasional yoga girl; I was one of the types that signs up for two consecutive 30-day challenges, and that means I did yoga every day for two months. My back was bugging me at the time.

I’d drag myself to class in a baggy set of yoga pants and jog top and leave with a soaking set of clothes, again and again and again. Time for laundry, again. Meanwhile, my instructor would ask, “What are you hiding there?” My legs, obviously, that’s what I’m hiding. As far as I’m concerned, hot yoginis are practically naked, and I’m not wearing those short shorts. It went on like this for months, okay, maybe two years. Finally, out of a heartfelt wish to celebrate all my days in Boulder, Colorado, I bought some hot yoga shorts with full thigh exposure and everything.

And once I tried them out, I never went back. I don’t have huge piles of sweaty sweats or fabric clinging to my legs while I stretch. I don’t have anything interfering with my not-so-perfect form or the watchful eyes of my instructor either. But it’s better this way. It turns out Mr. Tiger Shorts had a point. I prefer the short-shorts.

Mountain Pose

What makes Stonewear Designs Hot Yoga Shorts great is their simple style. They fit snugly but loosely around the waist and allow for ease of movement. They also have cute ties on the sides, which enable you to shorten or lengthen them, as desired. Plus, you get two adorable black bows on your left and right. But ladies, your knees are never going to get coverage. Try to be okay with that. It’s freeing after all. And freedom to move, stretch and grow is what it’s all about anyway, in life and in a yoga class.

Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom. —Friedrich Schiller

By Deanna Lynn Wulff, Stonewear Designs Grassroots Team Member, Minerva’s Moxie

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