#in30 Fitness Challenge: Push-Ups on push-ups on push-ups

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photo copy Thank you to the dozens of people that joined us in our July #in30 push-up and plank challenge! There were a lot of push-ups and planks to be found in the Twitter-verse, and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing your shout-outs & the many photos of so many of you working hard. A special thanks to Rochelle for writing up the stellar programming. I thought it was a great balance between these two exercises.

This month was a funny one for me. On days where we were planking, I would go to CrossFit and have dozens of push-ups to do. I more than once thought, “This isn’t fair! Don’t they know I have 45 more push-ups to do tomorrow? Or that I did 40 yesterday?” But not once did a workout with push-ups actually coincide with an #in30 push-up day (that would be too easy!). So, basically, I did a LOT of push-ups this month. And you want to know what’s awesome about that? It shows.

I have become consistently stronger with my push-ups in the past 30 days. Just last week we had a workout that included a total of 80 push-ups ON RINGS! Guess what? I did them all, and, more importantly, with good form (just ask my coach, she told me so!). Of course, I was so thrilled that I could do it at all. My increased strength and strict form on the push-ups and better core strength from the planking made it totally manageable. Naturally, the first thing I did was come back to Twitter to tell the #in30 crew about it–just like Gina did when she set a new personal record for max push-ups (as many others achieved, too!), or Lynne, who demoed her backcountry #in30 reps with a pack on, which was totally hardcore.

This week, we had a workout with ring dips. I really, really struggle with ring dips (and to be honest, I photokind of really hate them, too). I was worried about the volume and I even warned my coach that the workout, which included 65 ring dips, would take me an extra long time. But guess what? It didn’t! I had my best ring dip day ever and there is no doubt in my mind that it is because of all the time I’ve spent pushing-up and planking this past month.

Trust me, achieving a goal every day of the month with the #in30 program feels wonderful, but heck, even my pull-ups are noticeably better now. What another great side-effect!

So what now? We are kicking off August with a yoga sequence developed by our new Stonewear Ambassador Tali Koziol. I’m looking forward to it specifically because I am not a regular yoga practitioner. Will I be out of my comfort zone? A bit. Will I be trying something new? Definitely. And I’m psyched to do so, especially with the support of our ever-growing #in30 crew. Join us here and make sure you Tweet us with your daily successes @Stonewear!

July #in30-ers, what benefits have you noticed from our July push-up and plank challenge? I have no doubt that each of you has made positive progress


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