Move Over LBD, There Are New Threads in Town: Liberty Pant Review (Fall Line)

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Eve in the Liberty Pant

My washing machine is broken.

With my surplus of clothes, this really shouldn’t be a big deal. However, it does become an issue when you insist on wearing your staples repeatedly (especially when they’re black pants and the thermostat hovers around 90 degrees).

You see, my black Stonewear Designs Liberty Pants came on Friday. Today is Tuesday. I’ve worn them everyday. Gross? Maybe. But they’re none the worse for wear—which is just one of these pants’ many talents. Yes, I personify my pants—and even if I didn’t, these pants deserve it.

These babies immediately replaced all other favored items of clothing, sending my numerous pairs of yoga pants back into a semi-permanent position in my dresser (they’ll be entered back into the rotation when I wash these…if I can will myself to take them off).

Why do I adore these pants so much? Let’s go through the basics: the stretchy material is forgiving on those over-indulgent days, they’re instantly slimming, they have a discrete pocket big enough to store your iPod, they smooth those pesky underwear lines, and they come in special sizes. I rarely shop petites—but as soon as I put these pants on I knew I’d been making a mistake. They fit perfectly, accentuate the parts I want accentuated, and flatten the parts that, well, I don’t want accentuated. These versatile LBP’s (Little Black Pants—dresses don’t get to have all the fun) see me through Pilates, house cleaning, dog walking, lounging, sleeping, errands, and more. I am dressing up a bit tomorrow for work, so I will finally surrender them to the hamper tonight.

Here’s to replacing the washing machine ASAP! I’m already having separation anxiety.

 By Eve Hersh

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