My Journey Through a 6-Week Fitness Challenge: Week 3

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Trainer & Nutritionist Tips:
Small changes can add up to big weight loss. The way we distribute our calories throughout the day, and the quality of foods we choose to eat, make a difference in how far our calories go. The more natural, less processed foods we eat, the better our bodies are able to utilize them as they should. Cooking your own meals is the best way to control this, but when that’s not possible read the ingredient labels. Ingredients to avoid include high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated fats (aka: trans fats), and artificial sweeteners. Strive for eating a VARIETY of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, and healthy snacks. If you eat the same things, try picking out something new. Eat a rainbow! This concept will help you benefit from a variety of fruits and vegetables’, each with their own unique set of vitamins and minerals.

3 ways to keep yourself on track with your fitness routine:
1. Treat exercise as an appointment
2. Specify a date and time for exercise, at a time that works best for your body.
3. Integrate, blending activity whenever you can – via parking farther away, taking stairs, etc.

How my week went:
I’m feeling a little discouraged that by the scale, I haven’t lost any weight. But I’ve had so many aching muscles from the increased intensity and diversity of my workouts these 3 weeks, that I can’t imagine it hasn’t had SOME positive effect on my body.

I hosted a kids party at the end of this week. Everyone had fun, but my mom’s triple chocolate cupcakes derailed me from my no-sweets diet, for a day! Just a bump in the road. My nutritionist prepared me ahead of time for such scenarios, stating it’s good to be realistic in your eating goals so that it’s something you can maintain on a long term basis.

Overall, not a bad week. I slipped up a bit, but I’m half way through the challenge. It’s time to re-focus, find my motivation and get going again with a Monday spin class!

About the Author
Tami Mittan aka The Colorado Mountain Mom, joins us for a second year as a Stonewear Designs Ambassador. Tami lives in the high mountain desert area of Western Colorado with her two young kids, where she and her husband encourage their children to have fun in the “free” outdoors. She splits her time between full-time work as a system engineer and being a mom-at-home. And while her life is busy as it is, she prioritizes staying active, “Being healthy and active leaves me with that great feeling of being a strong, confident woman,” she says. “Also, when I’m living an active life, I cope better with its challenges and get more fun out of my days!” Her favorite activities and sports include hiking, biking, jet skiing, waterskiing, horseback riding, golf, camping, traveling, exploring, baking, scrapbooking, and reading.

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