Ninja Natalie Puts The Fusion Tights Through The Wringer

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Ninja Natalie Puts The Fusion Tights Through The Wringer

Stonewear Ambassador, Natalie Duran (aka Ninja Natalie) Pushes The Limits.

The Fusion Tights stood up to Natalie’s intensity and are still going strong after years of being put through the wringer and we’re not just referring to the washing machine.  Natalie trains hard and takes daring risks. These tights are tough! Here’s what she has to say:
The fusion tights are the closest thing to skin you will ever wear! I am known to wear my fusion tights and capris on a daily basis, whether it is grabbing some produce at my local farmers market or during a hardcore training session at my climbing gym. These tights will take you anywhere.
One of my favorite moments is during taping for American Ninja Warrior where there are hundreds of people on set from crew, competitors, and their families. Someone from far away on the bleachers could spot me out in a crowd because she saw me wearing the fusion tights!


The wide waistband gives me assurance there will be no slippage during any yoga stretch move, the behind-the-knee mesh panels are there for breathable comfort but also adds a bit of flare from the uniform heathered stretch fabric.

There is a hidden waistband pocket that is perfect when I travel to hotel to hotel. It fits just enough for your keys to go on a quick run, or need to free your hands for any activity. I also carry my car/house keys on a carabiner, and often find myself clipping it onto my waistband. Years later, the fabric has not been destroyed or even seem to have any wear with multiple washes every week!

Fusion tights are my lifestyle pant, no matter what situation I am in. I can always feel like my fusion tights have me covered and ready to mold to all the ninja situations I place myself in!
-Ninja Natalie, Stonewear Ambassador
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