October #in30 Fitness Challenge

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Welcome to October, one of the loveliest months of the year!


This month’s #in30 is going to shake things up a little bit, focusing on just one exercise (and it is one that we all love to hate) in addition to incorporating a nutritional component, too. Just what is the dreaded exercise?

It’s a classic – the burpee! Don’t you just love burpees?

Don’t worry, you aren’t going to get crushed from this full-on body movement every day, since the #in30 is taking on a new twist this month.

The nutrition challenge is to eat vegetables with all three meals of the day–means breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Eating vegetables for breakfast may seem a little strange for some people, so the plan is to use the  #in30 hashtag on Twitter to share how you are getting them in and to see the different, creative ways our fellow participants are eating them. I’m guessing we may be seeing some yummy kale smoothie recipes!

Check out the full blog on October’s #in30 burpee and veggie challenge, including a video for how to execute that perfect burpee. It’s important to use good form and to scale to your own abilities and limitations because you’ll be finishing up with 100 of them on Halloween. Boo!

We are really excited to take part in the nutritional component to this month’s challenge, it will be a great way to be aware of health and wellness with every meal you put into your body. For some healthy recipe ideas, check out our Pinterest board here.



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