Olympia: Fit for All

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I absolutely cherish my Olympia top because it’s the most flattering tank top I’ve ever owned! It’s the perfect shape. The detailing on the top adds extra flair and style, but what I admire most about it is the unique and darling slit in the back which also adds an extra touch of style. The best part of the Olympia is the cinching at the waist line; it makes me feel attractive whenever I wear it–even on those “not-so-skinny days.”  It has a flattering V-neck, but has enough coverage to hold everything in place–even during yoga inversions. This supportive top makes any activity possible. It’s longer than most active tops–which is part of why I love it since I have a pretty long torso. The Olympia sees me through yoga, traveling, hiking, and climbing, but it’s still my favorite everyday tank top.

Cassie Strid, Stonewear Designs


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