Our 2013-2014 Ambassador Team!

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We received so many impressive applications to our 2013-2014 Ambassador Program this summer, and had some pretty difficult decisions to make! Each ambassador applicant had something unique and amazing to offer, and we loved connecting with new women and communities. We want to thank everyone who sent in applications and recommendations–we hope to stay in touch with all of you.

We selected six new women to join the Stonewear Team, making our 2013-2014 Ambassador Program eight women strong! Help us welcome Tali Koziol, Terri Berry, Amanda Renner, Shay Skinner, Beth Bault, and Erica Lineberry as our newest ambassadors, and join us in welcoming back Amelia Mayer and Tami Mittan (also ambassadors from last year’s team!).

Tali Koziol yoga bhakti noire

Tali Koziol is a yoga teacher, SUP yogi, and blogger. Check out her blog Beauty That Moves and start a conversation with her on Twitter @bhaktinoire.









Amanda Renner Ambassador HeadshotAmanda Renner is an outdoor enthusiast and all-around athlete. She blogs over at Life as a Local. Check in with her on Twitter @venicerenner.






Beth Bault Ambassador HeadshotBeth Bault, a volunteer firefighter, documents her outdoor adventures with her husband and beloved dog on her blog 3Up Adventures. Drop Beth a line on Twitter @3UpAdventures.





Terri Barry Ambassador HeadshotTerri Barry climbs, runs, snowboards, and backpacks her way through life. Learn more about her on her blog. Welcome her with a Tweet: @rockmaven56.










Erica Lineberry, mama climber extraordinaire, is also an ambassador for our brother brand, Trango. Check out her blog, Cragmama and connect with her on Twitter @cragmama.




Shay Skinner Ambassador HeadshotShay Skinner brings her great photography skills and love for climbing to our team. She blogs over at Skin Poetry. Drop her a line on Twitter @SkinPoetry.






SWDlynxOutdoorsy mom Amelia Mayer continues with us for the 2013-2014 season from her home in Wyoming. Check out her blog Tales of a Mountain Mama. Connect with her on Twitter @mtnmamatales.









Full photo of Tami for articleTami Mittan, aka The Colorado Mountain Mom, will also continue with us for another year! She’s a full-time application developer, devoted mom, and wilderness lover. Send her a shout-out on Twitter @co_mtnmom.


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