Resolutions and Remembering 2015

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Natalie Duran

Favorite 2015 Accomplishment

My most notable accomplishment in 2015 is grounding myself in a mental way. It is always hard to stay calm, cool, and collected when living in a big city like Los Angeles. Never did I really take a moment to reflect on what I am most grateful in life. This year, my focus is to pull myself back from the hustle and bustle of life and take a daily moment of gratitude on who I am and the fantastic people who surround me. My happiest accomplishment isn’t a single event but becoming more aware.

2016 Resolution

My resolution for 2016 is to not let the pressure of climbing the hardest route or problem take over my consciousness. In 2015 I spent more time dedicated to giving back to the outdoor community by involving myself with local crag cleanups. In doing so I met some amazing people, and felt more interconnected with the climbing community. My natural competitive nature is more enough to keep me strong through my training to explore new heights and problems.

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Valarie Anderson

Favorite 2015 Accomplishment

My favorite accomplishment of 2015 was sending my first 5.13a sport climbing route. I’ve known for quite some time how much mental strength I would need to reach this goal. Finally stepping up to the challenge and committing myself to bend the ego, release the fear, and open my heart to the lessons of the rock was humbling and rewarding.

2016 Resolution

Travel even more! I would like to see more of Spain, if possible again this upcoming year. There is so much rock there that I could travel a dozen times and not visit the same crag twice! I will visit Tennessee and Wyoming for climbing, two states I have not been to yet. I look forward to expanding on the many mental lessons I learned while climbing this past season.

carolyn kalymnos climb 2

Carolyn Parker

Favorite 2015 Accomplishment

The success of my business newly being moved to Carbondale CO, largely because my business revolves around helping others. True success to me is job satisfaction not dollar signs, my business is cranking which means I get to help a lot of people. As people succeed so do I.

2016 Resolution

I’m not a resolution person but a reflection person. I do believe that if we desire a change we should make it at the moment we realize it is necessary rather than put it off till the new year. That being said, I like to reflect on all the joys of the previous year, the challenges and how can I shape a better existence in the upcoming year. I have many goals, climbing, gym, home, but mostly living a life that affords me the time to breathe, help others, and find health and balance.

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Paisley Close

Favorite 2015 Accomplishment

Doing more leading and onsighting my hardest route to date.

2016 Resolution

I’d like to turn my perpetual optimism for others towards myself this year, to believe in myself at a deeper more consistent level.


Olivia McCoy

Favorite accomplishments in 2015
– Going to England for 3 weeks
– Swimming the Horsetooth 10k faster then last year
– Getting 2nd place in a 3 mile swim
– Finally went on a road trip to Mt. Rushmore

2016 Resolutions
– More road trips in the US
– Go to Zion National park
– Do more canyoneering trips

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