Review: The Pika Jacket

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The minute I saw the Pika Jacket, I coveted it. I’m not supposed to want; I’m Buddhist. “Let go of wanting,” teachers

Stonewear Designs Editor Lizzy Scully and Grassroots Team member Melissa Love walking with Melissa’s baby on a fine autumn day in Boulder. Melissa is in the Rockin’ Capris and Lynx Pullover. Theo is in monkey shoes and baby bini hat 😉

say. But I wanted it nonetheless, and in mandarin orange. I started wearing it days after I got it, in August. I spand cool nights, perfect. But this 100% polyester jacket is actually pretty warm, snug, and long enough that air doesn’t sneak up the waistline. So August is not the best time for to wear it. I should know this being a mountain enthusiast. The little mammal it’s named can’t survive at temps over 75 degrees for long. So I hung it up and waited for sub-75 degree weather. And now it’s October, yay! I’m in heaven. I recently wore my Pika on a brief excursion up the First Flatiron where it kept me warm in the whipping wind. I’ve also worn it cragging in Boulder Canyon (it’s perfect for cool, shady belays), biking to and from my office, and even while fishing on the St. Vrain River by my house.

So, how does it compare to other fleeces? Well, I’ve had fleeces from all the best outdoor companies, and I don’t have anything bad to say about them. But they never seem to be long enough, nor do they taper at the waist making me feel feminine. Plus, the sleeves are often not long enough and so ride down my forearms when I’m reaching up to clip a bolt while climbing or flicking my fly rod while fishing. Sure, I so like the fleeces that have a wind breaking component, which the Pika does not specifically have, but those are more crinkly feeling and aren’t as stylish for dinner dates. Really, I love this jacket because it’s warm, it looks good on, and it’s snug in all the right places.

By Lizzy Scully, Stonewear Designs Editor


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