Running Pant Review: The Sprinter Capri

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This past spring, I tested out Stonewear Designs’ new running tight, the Sprinter Capri. I’m the kind of girl who normally wears whatever running tight is on sale at Old Navy or Target, so getting to try out a high-end compression tight for my first half-marathon of the year was quite a treat. I spand the best way to put it to the test was at the grueling Horsetooth half-marathon, which climbs and weaves its way around Fort Collins, Colo., and ends at the famous New Belgium Brewery–if a girl runs 13.1 miles she deserves a beer or two, right!? Of course, ideally, I would have trained enough that I wouldn’t need too many beers to kill the pain in my aching body, but either way, these cute and functional pants gave me that extra mental push I needed to finish in an acceptable time (acceptable is relative, people…).

I have to admit, when it comes to technical wear I’m more utilitarian: if it doesn’t serve a purpose, why put it on the pant? So, of course, the first thing I noticed was the ruching around the cuff. I asked myself, “Does it serve a purpose?” I have yet to span out if it does, but even my “no-frills” self can appreciate the nice detail. And if that’s your kind of thing anyway, you’re in luck! Mostly, I love the feel of the pant. It feels great to the touch—I’m a huge fan of the four-way stretch, moisture-wicking material. I’m not used to wearing “tight” tights, and the pants showed off a little more of me than I’m used to, but, I was testing them out during a race—I don’t care about the traffic-stopping triathlete in the short shorts and sports bra that just blew past me.

I’m all about function. And while I’m not usually a fan of cutesy details and form fitting clothes, these pants have a lot of function goin’ on. Tucked along the waistband is a hidden pocket for your credit card or ID. While the pocket’s a bit small for my iPhone, it gave me a good reason to unplug for a few hours. The moisture-wicking poly-spandex blend with flat-locked seams kept me dry and helped prevent that uncomfortable rubbing and chafing. The fit is true to size—though I would appreciate if the Capri was just a little longer. As a simple but added bonus, the pants are tag (i.e. itch…tickle…scratch…distraction) free, have a reflective Stonewear logo, and like all Stonewear Designs clothing, are made in the United States. So, my consensus? The Sprinter Capris are a great running pant for women who want something functional AND cute. Additionally, they’re great for any type of intense workout–be it on the climbing wall, CrossFit, or in my case, sloughing up 2000 vertical feet in a 13.1-mile race to a brewery (sounds idyllic, eh?).

As I trudged across the finish line with a thousand of my closest, sweatiest, panting friends, I collected my obligatory pint glass and could practically taste the beer I was about to imbibe–I earned it, after all!

Review by Anne Miltenberger

The Stonewear Designs Fall 2013 Sprinter Capri is the perfect workout companion for jogging the trail or cragging the steep rocks. The triangle inlay on backside gives you the perfect shape. Super-wide contrasting waistband with front inlayed hidden zipper pocket sits just below waist for comfort. Quick-dry and moisture-wicking fabric: 85% recycled PET, 15% Spandex.

And check out these other photos of the Sprinter Capri in action–all the way from Colorado to the UK to France and back!

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