Small Steps to Self-Esteem

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Small Steps to Self-Esteem – Self-Esteem Scavenger Hunt by Tali Koziol

Around the beginning of December the media began their barrage of articles on how to tone it up, lose that weight, set your resolutions to be perfect, you know–the usual.  I remember thinking at that time, “I’m glad I’m pregnant right now because I don’t feel compelled to follow any of these diets or programs.” Then I got the next onslaught of wedding planning emails – most of them were about how to fix myself before my wedding. Again, it was diet, weight loss, and now teeth whitening and tanning. I even got a coupon in the mail for plastic surgery.

And now it’s almost “bikini season” and they’re all at it again. It makes me sad, but, rather than sit back, I began to think about how we can change these messages and the way we receive them. Many will say “just love your body now.” As a yoga teacher and practitioner I am a firm believer in loving yourself as you are. Yet, it’s not like a light switch you can just turn on. Suddenly ignoring the media—the media that thrives on making you think and feel you’re imperfect so you’ll buy their advertiser’s products–is so much easier said than done.

So how about this? How about rather than listen to people who have never met you, you begin listening to the people who know you? Let’s have a self-esteem scavenger hunt! For this project you’ll consult your closest friends, your family and yourself.

The rules are simple.

  1. Choose six or more of the questions or activities to ask yourself, family, and friends to do.
  2. Document the responses and outcomes on a poster board, in a notebook, or in a file on your computer.
  3. Play nice! If friends and family respond to the questions in a way that you don’t agree with, don’t offer a rebuttal. Take it in. You may not agree but if you shut down their response you’re missing the point…listen to how amazing you are and get comfortable saying “thank you”.
  4. Explain that no answers to questions should be conditional or include negativity. We’re looking for positive elements only.
  5. Don’t be worried or concerned if it takes someone a few minutes to answer a question. Pauses are not bad but rather indicative of serious thought.

That’s it. You can then go back to your end results if you’re feeling blue or maybe like you’re just not good enough and you will be reminded that you’re incredible. If you have other friends who would benefit, make an event out of it and have a Self-Esteem Scavenger Hunt party.

The Questions:

  • If there was one word to describe me, it would be:
  • I look good in:
  • I am unique because:
  • Time I made you laugh:
  • I am at my best:
  • My best talent is:
  • My best trait is:
  • In ten years you see me:
  • In twenty years you see me:
  • My legacy will be:
  • Is there a clever person I remind you of?
  • When I am feeling down about myself, I should think:


The Activities

  • Look in the Mirror and take a picture of your favorite part of your body (keep it clean!).
  • Take a picture of a part of your body you don’t like and find something about it you do like.
  • Share a funny picture from your childhood or teen years in a social media setting.
  • Go someplace you’ve always wanted to go but haven’t gone–even if it means going alone. Was it as scary as you thought it might be?
  • Try a new fitness activity, especially if you identify strongly with one sport/activity currently.  Remember how it feels to try something new. Be curious about your thoughts and feelings before and after.

Here are the results of my self-esteem scavenger hunt:
FeetMy friends tell meHands and Belly

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