Spring Transitions: Tempo Bra and Vibe Shorts

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Georgie Run

As I shift out of winter bouldering season and into trail running, outdoor yoga, and sport climbing, I’m trading in my long pants and jackets for Stonewear’s new spring line. For all warm-weather activities, I especially love the new Tempo Bra and Vibe Shorts.

Georgie Yoga Vibe

This is my go-to outfit for running, yoga, and rock climbing. Both items are made of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric so I stay dry and cool even if I’m running in the mountains on a hot day. The Vibe Shorts are my new favorite climbing shorts because they provide enough coverage so I feel comfortable and covered—they won’t ride up if you’re wearing a harness or doing an above-your-head heel hook! At the same time, they’re flattering and have a fun, colorful design. The Tempo Bra is a great piece for any activity, either worn under a shirt or on its own. This bra is super supportive without being constricting, and I love it for running, yoga, climbing, or under a t-shirt for coffee with a friend.

Georgie Headstand

I would highly recommend checking out this outfit and the other items in Stonewear’s new spring line! These new pieces definitely exceeded my expectations and I am so psyched for you to give them a try!

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Georgie Abel is a yoga teacher, rock climber, writer, and lover of the outdoors from Moraga, California. She spends her time climbing, writing and exploring her way through northern California and the High Sierras.

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